How To Stop Customers From Receiving Text Messages In Event Hawk

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Control What Messages Your Customers Receive

Are you a party rental business owner using Event Hawk to manage your bookings and events? Do you want to take control of the way your customers receive text messages and maximize the benefits of this powerful software? Whether you’re starting a party rental business or you’ve been in the industry for a while, managing your customers efficiently is crucial to your success.

That’s where Event Hawk, the leading inflatable rental software, comes in.

In this article, We’ll walk you through the simple steps to stop customers from receiving text messages when you want to take charge of your communication strategy. Let’s dive in!


  1. Login to your Event Hawk account from a computer (
  2. Find the persons contact/conversation 
  3. When you are on the conversation with the person who you would like to stop receiving messages from, on the right hand side of the screen underneath there tags, there will be a “DND” and underneath that it says “off”. To the right of that it will say “configure” 
  4. Click “configure” 
  5. From there you can DND them from emails, texts and phone calls or all of them. 
  6. Then click “save”
  7. You’re all set! 

By stopping customers from receiving automated text messages, you control what communications your customers receive from you. We hope this step-by-step guide has helped you navigate the process effortlessly. Remember, with Event Hawk by your side, you have a powerful tool to manage your bookings, increase your customer base, and provide unforgettable experiences. Start adding users today and unlock the full potential of your business with Event Hawk!

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