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Running a successful party rental business is all about managing your customers and bookings efficiently. In this article, whether you’re starting a party rental business or you’ve been in business for a while, we’ll delve into a vital aspect of customer management using Event Hawk – how to block a customer.

In the world of inflatable rental software, ensuring smooth customer interactions is key to your business’s success. Sometimes, you may encounter situations where blocking a customer becomes necessary. So, let’s explore the process of managing your customer base effectively within Event Hawk, without any fuss.


  1. Login to your Event Hawk account from a computer (
  2. Find the persons contact/conversation 
  3. When you are on the conversation with the person who you would like to stop receiving messages from, on the right hand side of the screen underneath there tags, there will be a “DND” and underneath that it says “off”. To the right of that it will say “configure” 
  4. Click “configure” 
  5. From there you can DND them from emails, texts and phone calls or all of them. 
  6. Then click “save”
  7. You’re all set! 

Inflatable rental software like Event Hawk is a valuable tool for party rental business owners. Knowing how to manage your customer interactions, including blocking customers when needed, is essential for your business’s success. Whether you’re a newbie in the party rental industry or a seasoned pro, this article will provide practical guidance on effectively managing your customer base in Event Hawk. Let’s get started and ensure your customer interactions are as smooth as possible!

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