Forms 101: Creating, Using, and Sending Forms In Event Hawk

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Learn How to Create, Use, and Send Forms in Event Hawk 📊🚀

Whether you’re just setting up your party rental business or you’re a seasoned pro, mastering the art of forms can be a game-changer. In this article, we’re diving into the seamless process of creating, using, and sending forms in Event Hawk. Elevate your customer interactions, streamline your operations, and take your bookings to new heights with this essential feature.

In the fast-paced world of party rentals, staying ahead is the name of the game. Event Hawk’s robust form features aren’t just about data collection; they’re your ticket to personalized and efficient customer interactions. From custom agreements to event specifics, these forms become your business ally, helping you craft seamless experiences for your clients. Let’s delve into the world of Event Hawk forms and revolutionize the way you shape your party rental future! 🚀🎉


  1. Login to your Event Hawk account from a computer (
  2. On the left hand side locate the “sites” tab
  3. Form there you will ADD a NEW Form!
    • You can either start from scratch and create a new form from scratch 
    •  OR you can choose from one of the many templates and edit those! 
  4. Big recommendation is to make a copy of a form you already have, because it will have most of the elements needed and you just need to edit! 
  5. First thing you want to do is NAME the form
    • At the top of the page you will see a name for the form to edit it click on it! 
  6. If you are creating your Form from scratch there are always a few fields you want to include (The more fields you add the less likely a customer is to fill out the form.
    • Name (it is originally Not required, but you want to go in and make it one of the requirements to submit the form.
      1. To do this go to edit on the name and click “required” 
    • Email 
    • Phone number 
  7. Next you CAN add other items like, Images or more text
    • To do this you go to the left side of the form editor and drag in whatever you would like to edit,
    • You can add an image and make it your company logo for example. 
  8. At the bottom of the form it show the “terms and conditions” button
    • You can EDIT the link to your company terms and conditions 
    • To do this go to edit, then click the dots in the right hand side and change the URL link to your own! 
  9. Lastly for the Form you want to add a submit “button”
    • To do this go to add column on the form editor and click the “submit” button and drag it to the form.
      • You can edit the button and its size and color, on the right hand side. 
      • We recommend that you center the button and make it fit the entire bottom of the form. 
  10. Next you will go to the Style and Options portion on the form.
    • You can find this in the upper right hand side of your screen you click the little blue button 
    • From there Click “Options”
      • This is what happens AFTER people have clicked submit on your form, this is the next step! 
    • There you can edit the message that people will see after they submit the form. 
    • OR you can change it so that it says “Open URL”
      • That will lead them to a different web page AFTER they submit the form, We recommend that you direct the, to your coupon page on your website! 
      • To add the URL copy and paste it into the URL portion of the page under “Open URL” 
  11. When that is all done and you are ready to go with the form you click SAVE 
  12. After SAVE you want to click “Integrate” \
    • Then to use the form you can edit how it looks, for example it can pop up on the side
    • It can pop up and take the entire screen
    • Or it can be stuck to one side 
  13. Next you will want to Embed the code on your website.
    • To do this you will just click the “Copy embed code” button and paste it on your website. 
  14. If you would like to JUST share the FORM then you can click the “copy form link” and send it to people directly. 
  15. Then you are all Set! You can paste the URL into your website editor and the form will be there! 
  16. BUT, if you want to make it easier on yourself and work with a form already created follow these steps:
  17. When you are in FORMS click on the “coupon form”, it is in everyone’s account already, and next you will hit the three button on the right and from there click the “duplicate” button.
    • Name the form and click “confirm” 
  18. From there you see all the information is filled in, all you have to do is start editing the new form, add more or take out some, add an image or a graphic
    • The process is the same as before for saving the form and sending it out or embedding it on your website. 
  19. If you would like to use your form AUTOMATICALLY,
    • Then first go to “Automations” on the left hand side 
    • From there click “Create Workflow”
      • That will bring you to a page to begin making a new automated workflow.
      • Click Start from scratch 
      • Then name it 
      • Then you will have to say what “triggers” this workflow, for this example, it is a form filled out.
        • For this go to  add a filter and then “form is” 
        • Then click the form you created 
  20. Then when the form is submitted, you can add the action the automation will take.
    • For this example, it is to send a text message, 
    • You would edit the text and click save 
  21. Add a “wait” step so that the people are not getting a text the second they fill out the form. 
  22. When you are done with the workflow hit publish and then save and it will begin working! 
  23. From here, go to the “contacts”  section on the right hand side!
    • To send a mass text, while your in contacts, hit the “select all” box in the upper left corner above the list of contacts.
    • And make sure to click the “all contacts” button when you have selected the page, or it will only do the current page of 25. 
  24. Now you can begin typing out the message you want to send out, just type it in.
    • Some cool features are the “schedule “ feature to send the message out at a time and date of your choosing. 
  25. Chat GPT is a great toll to help you write your message if you are not sure what to say.
    • To do this go to ChatGPT, and start feeding it what you need. For example; if you are wanting a Halloween promotion text, then you let ChatGPT know who you are, what your business is and what exactly you need! 
    • Also at the end of your message you really want a clear call to action, something for your customers to do or respond to, to help with responses and engagement!
  26. Click send, and you are all set! 

Now that you’ve mastered the art of forms in Event Hawk, you’re well on your way to shaping a more efficient and successful future for your party rental business. If you have any questions or need further assistance, our support team is here to help. Here’s to simplifying your processes and forming a brighter future with Event Hawk! 🌟🎈

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