Responding To Nationwide Price Increases

Due to price increases across the nation, Event Hawk as a company is having to respond appropriately.

Rather than raise our prices, we’ve decided to pass on the texting fees that we’ve been covering for each Event Hawk customer. This way businesses won’t have to worry about much of an increase during the slower months since they won’t be texting as much.

Effective this week, all Event Hawk customers will be responsible for their own texting fees. 

Here’s how it works:

  • You will receive $10 charge that will go towards your future texting fees.
  • Your texting fees will be deducted from the $10 credit until it’s used up, at which point you’ll be charged another $10.
  • You can see your texting activity and edit your billing information in the company billing section under SETTINGS.


  • How much are texting fees?
    Texting fees are set by Twilio (the worlds leading texting provider) and are typically less than 1 penny per text. You can see the detailed rates here.
  • Most smaller operators spend $5-$10/month in texting fees.
  • Most medium companies spend $15-$25/month in texting fees.
  • Larger companies can spend $30-$50/month in texting fees.

We’re very grateful for your business and appreciate you understanding.