Party Rental Website 101

How To Start A Party Rental Website

The number one most important thing you’ll need for your party rental business is your WEBSITE! I cannot tell you how many people we talk to every week who do not have a website. Or, they have a website and it’s just not doing anything for their business. A website is your digital storefront. A website makes your business look legit. A website gives you one place where you can direct all your traffic, all your marketing.

getting started with a party rental website

Party Rental Website Options

There are both paid and free website options. These two paid options are totally worth it: Inflatable Office and Event Hawk. We use Inflatable Office. These guys are made for party rentals. Totally worth what you pay. They have plans for around $100 a month and it’s totally worth it. They allow you to do online bookings, tips, damage waivers, everything pretty much. It’s really awesome! If you insist on not wanting to pay a monthly fee, then there are free options.

I would highly recommend wordpress. I only mentioned wix because it’s a popular option, but I definitely would not recommend you go with wix because it’s not future proof. At least with wordpress you can later on use Bouncy Castle Network or Inflatable Office, but honestly even that’s a waste of time. I would totally recommend that you talk to one of these companies if you don’t already have a website. They’re amazing and they have incredible support. They have incredible features and it’s totally worth it. You guys know it takes money to make money, right? So this will. Having one of these companies will free up at least two employees

Marketing Your Party Rental Website

    • Google My Business: This gets your business listed on Google Maps and allows you to collect & display Google reviews to build trust. Many new operators don’t do this because they don’t want to list their home address on Google Maps. Listing your address is recommended but not mandatory. Instead, you can choose the setting that says “I deliver goods and services to my customers”.
    • Facebook Page: This gives your business a social media presence and increased social proof. You can also post pictures and videos of setups, cleaning, and what it’s like day to day in your business.
    • Facebook Marketplace: Post your rentals here until you start generating website traffic. After that never post on Facebook Marketplace again. It’s a very tedious process and customers on there typically want to haggle with you on the price. You’ll also be competing with some very low priced offers so it’s best to work on an exit strategy asap and Google Ads is the best alternative (see below).
    • Facebook Groups: Try to find local mom groups and ask the admin if you can market your business. If you’re a mom it should be much easier to get your foot in the door . Just reach out and make it personal. Tell your story and offer a special deal for group members.
    • Facebook Boost: Organic reach for Facebook posts is now close to 0%! This means that very few people actually see your Facebook posts  unless you share in groups, run ads, or boost posts. Boosting your Facebook posts for a couple dollars here and there gets more eyes on your posts but this strategy isn’t recommended because it’s nearly impossible to track the effectiveness of the boosted posts beyond likes and comments (which don’t always translate to bookings).
    • Google Ads: This is the absolute best and fastest way to market your new business. Get your website listed at the very top of the Google search page when people search for things like “bounce house rentals near me”. Checkout our free Google Ads crash course to learn how to do this on your own. Consider hiring a professional  marketing company when you’re ready for some serious results that generate tons of high quality traffic to your site for a very low cost per click.
    • Google SEO: Search Engine Optimization (SEO) requires optimizing your website with high quality, relevant content so that Google knows to show your website to the right people. This is a long term process that you should work on slowly because it strengthens your website’s presence on Google organically. Unlike Google Ads, SEO is free but it takes much longer to see results with SEO. This is why we recommend you work on this slowly but don’t rely on it too heavily. A good strategy is to do both, but focus on SEO in the off season and Google Ads in the busy season.  Consider hiring a professional SEO marketing company when you’re ready for high quality, relevant content optimized for Google Search.
    • Instagram Profile: Instagram is another good platform to show off some more visual aspects of your business. However, the main benefit is really social proof, so don’t expect your business to take off if you only focus on Instagram .
    • Facebook/Instagram Ads: Marketing your business through paid ads on Facebook and Instagram can be very effective but mainly during the busy season. This is an area you should really consider hiring out OR learning how to do 100% on your own through a program like our Facebook Ads Masterclass. That’s because social media marketing can get very expensive and almost impossible to track if you just “wing it”. But if you do it right, you can integrate your Facebook ads with your Google ads and get insanely high returns for very little spend.