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Is Event Hawk For You?

If you’re reading this then you’re wondering if you can trust Event Hawk to help grow your party rental company.

Is Event Hawk REALLY as good as the hype?

Hi there! My name is Tariq Elkhatib and I’m the founder of Event Hawk 🙂

The answer to the above question is a resounding YES!! But to me, the reason Event Hawk is so great isn’t because of WHAT it does for your company, it’s the WHY. If you understand WHY I launched Event Hawk and WHY it exists today, then the answer to your question becomes instantly clear.

My wife and I launched Bounce My House Party Rentals a few years ago and it was going well, but we struggled to grow to the point where I didn’t need my day jobs. I worked as a college instructor, a CAT Scan Technologist at one of the largest hospitals in the Chicagoland area, AND ran our party rental company all at the same time, ya it was a lot 😂.

The dream was simple, build up our party rental company so that we could afford to buy a house (we were renting at the time) and also be able to work less so I can spend more time with my wife and 2 kids. But we had one big problem: Chicago winters were BRUTAL so we only had about 6 months to make money and then during the off season, business almost completely died out but the bills didn’t stop. We still had to pay for rent, insurance, website, etc.

We decided to hire expert marketers (very expensive) to help us achieve our goals. We quickly realized that while they did have marketing knowledge, they had zero party rental industry experience so we were paying thousands of dollars every month and got calls for “House Rentals” instead of “Bounce House Rentals” 😭😂.

My wife said it was time to quit, but I was determined to build a better future for my family… So I doubled down and spent the next several months learning everything I could about digital marketing. After spending thousands of dollars on courses and countless mentors hired and followed, I implemented what I had learned and we nearly TRIPLED our party rental company’s revenue! That year I walked into my boss’s office and put in his 2 weeks 🙌!

There are no words to describe how it feels when a man achieves his life long goal after years of failure… it’s surreal to say the least.

This is where my story was supposed to end. But I started seeing Facebook posts from other people who were struggling with the same thing I struggled with and I was quick to offer free help. But whenever I did, I would almost always get a private message minutes later asking if they could pay me to do for them what I did for our company. My answer was repeatedly NO! I have my own growing company to focus on and there was just no time to do any work for anyone else. But every day I would wake up to more and more messages from people asking for help. I never thought I’d be running a marketing company, that was never part of the plan, but seeing so many other dreamers struggling hit me hard. I wanted to help but I also didn’t want to be the guy who takes your money and then takes 2 weeks to respond to your messages because I’m busy delivering water slides! I was developing a love for marketing though and genuinely enjoyed learning and implementing all this new stuff. I felt like I had a moral obligation to choose between being a full time marketer or a full time party rental business owner. I just didn’t want to do 2 things any more, I was tired. 

So I (cautiously) approached my wife and asked if she would be willing to run our party rental company while I worked on marketing full time and she actually said YES!!  By this time we had bought a house (yes!) and she wanted to remodel so she agreed to work as long as she got an actual paycheck instead of investing everything back into the company 😂.

From there I helped 5 people, and then 5 became 25, and now my team and I help hundreds of party rental business owners achieve their goals just like I did! 

  • I grew my team by hiring other party rental business owners and their spouses so Event Hawk is the only company that was made by party rental business owners to help other party rental business owners grow their companies.
  • We achieved Google Partner status.
  • We quickly became the highest rated company in the industry with more 5 star reviews than anyone else by far!
  • We created a thriving FREE community of Party Rental Bosses where we share free tips and tricks to grow your party rental business as well as periodic live mentorship sessions.
  • We offer a FREE Party Rental Business Success Kit with tons of free high quality marketing videos and other resources that help you work ON your business instead of IN your business.
  • We throw a community party at IAAPA every year to help you network and get to know other operators.
  • We partnered with some of the largest vendors and manufacturers in the industry to give our members exclusive prices on inflatable purchases and even gave away multiple bounce houses and water slides 100% free. 
  • Event Hawk is now the largest party rental marketing company helping more business owners than anyone else in the industry!

So that’s my story so far! I’d love for you to join our community of forward thinking Party Rental Business Owners and can’t wait to blow past your wildest expectations 💪!

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