Off Season Promo Rate For Seasonal Clients

We put together an exclusive off season strategy for seasonal operators who shut down for the colder months. To transition to this plan please call/text us at (708) 401-6465 or schedule a time for us to call you by clicking here.

Event Hawk

  • Rate: $50/month
  • Commitment: Must commit through March of 2022.
  • Payment: Can be paid in 1 lump sum payment or broken up into 2-4 payments.
  • Strategy:
    • We will setup a pop up/floating bar on your site that says the following:
    • ?? We’re closed until Spring?. Click here to get early access to our 2022 Flash Sale ?!
    • This will help you collect customer info all throughout the off season… no text messages or emails will be sent.
    • We will help you send a mass text to all your contacts in the spring to let them know you’re open and give your 2022 season a kickstart by taking early reservations.
    • You don’t lose your Event Hawk phone number so if any of this year’s customer’s text you next year you’ll still be able to receive those messages.
    • We will set up an auto responder for any of your previous customers who text you to let them know you’re closed until spring.
    • You still get to take advantage of all the Event Hawk exclusive offers throughout the off season!