Message To BCN Customers

Dear BCN customers,

We’ve been working with BCN and Inflatable Office (IO) on integrating with one another’s software for over a year. While we’ve been very successful in establishing 2 way integration with IO, BCN recently confirmed that they will not be able to integrate with Event Hawk. We were given multiple reasons for this but it seems that BCN has been building their own version of Event Hawk all along.

As we helped build BCN’s US market over the past couple of years, we didn’t expect that we would one day compete with them. While there will be no winners here, BCN’s blatant disregard for their clients and lack of transparency is incredibly alarming.

While BCN has confirmed that they will continue to support the use of Event Hawk as is, we’ve gotten countless messages from customers wanting to leave BCN after expressing their disappointment at the unprofessionalism of how BCN has handled this whole situation.

We’ve created a special offer for BCN members who would like to improve their customers online experience and:

  • Continue to support and be supported by awesome party rental business owners like Tariq & Jana 🥳
  • All the latest automations that have been helping EH/IO users to significantly increase their bookings.
  • Automations that make your job easier
  • Website Optimization
  • More website & software support
    • Phone support
    • Text Support
    • Zoom Support
    • Our support is in the US and is available through Friday 9am to 7pm EST
    • We also include weekend Support (limited)
  • Exclusive features
    • Enhanced Navigation Menu
    • Enhanced Homepage
    • Premium Review Widget 
    • High Converting Product Descriptions
    • Text us buttons
    • and more
  • Reduced rates on select Event Hawk services

Your new website will fully integrate with Event Hawk so you’ll have more automation, and your site will also have all the same features as your BCN site with more customization options. In order to help you with this transition, we’re offering BCN customers the following special offer:

  • We will build you a custom website free of charge and spend time with you on Zoom and via text message to help ensure that you’re ready for the switch.

We are also offering 3 additional bonuses to help you with the switch:

  • Bonus 1: First 3 months of your new website and booking software will only cost you $1/month then rates start at $39/month (depending on company size)
  • Bonus 2: Get 3 months of Event Hawk free (limited to first 10 who switch)
  • Bonus 3: Get 3 months of Google Ads management free (limited to first 10 who switch)
  • Bonus 4: 1 on 1 strategy call with Jana Thompson (limited to first 10 who switch)
  • Bonus 5: We will transfer over your inventory items, customer lists, and past and future orders so your move will be much easier.

To see what Event Hawk can offer you, schedule a demo here.

While these developments are unfortunate, we will do everything we can to help you excel this year as our commitment will always be to you and the party rental business community!


The Team at Event Hawk