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Tariq is the founder of Event Hawk™, a company he started in 2016 after a frustrating experience with a bounce house rental.Initially juggling this with his roles as a college instructor and father, Tariq's dedication to digital marketing significantly boosted his business, ... allowing him to pursue it full-time. Requests for assistance poured in from fellow entrepreneurs, leading Tariq to develop Event Hawk™—a comprehensive software and service solution. Having collaborated with over 1,500 businesses, he now leads a dedicated team at Event Hawk™, driven by a renewed commitment each day to expand his knowledge and share it with the world.



Tom Maloni is a party rental business owner, who has been a valued customer for over four years. As the owner of All About Fun Rentals, a thriving business he has successfully run for over eight years, Tom is a seasoned professional in the party rental industry. ... His expertise extends to SEO, advertising, and texting automations, making him a well-rounded authority in his field. Tom's journey into the party rental business began in 2017 while he was stationed in New Mexico. Starting with just one bounce house and one waterslide, he grew his business methodically. The turning point for Tom came when he signed up for Event Hawk. This powerful platform transformed his business, enabling him to achieve remarkable growth. Today, All About Fun Rentals generates six figures annually with a modest inventory of less than 15 inflatables. Tom is passionate about helping other bounce house rental operators succeed. With his extensive experience and the support of Event Hawk, he is more than willing to assist fellow entrepreneurs in achieving their business goals.

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Aryanna is one of the SEO specialists at Event Hawk. When she is not optimizing content, connecting with clients, or making bounce house deliveries you can find her in the gym or soaking up the Florida sun. ... She joined the team in 2022 and has been dedicated to optimizing content, boosting organic traffic, keyword research, and improving Google presences for our clients. Around the same time she started here at Event Hawk her and her dad started his bounce house company that has now grown to service over 1000 customers. When she is not optimizing content, connecting with clients, or making bounce house deliveries you can find her in the gym or soaking up the Florida sun.

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Dean is a certified Google ads partner, who holds the Head of the Google Ads Department position at Event Hawk. Dean leads the team responsible for Google's targeted and flexible advertising solutions that help businesses of all sizes find and connect with customers,meeting their marketing needs. His team focuses on solutions innovation, ... customer experience, and revenue growth. Dean is committed to making each click matter, with optimization that exceeds industry standards, keeping the personality of every business in mind.

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Zoelle is one of the visionary Growth Strategists at Event Hawk. Zoelle leverages her expertise as the Office Manager at Bounce My House Party Rentals, empowering entrepreneurs with proven strategies and tools to navigate the party rental industry. With a knack for propelling party rental businesses to new heights, ... Zoelle orchestrates transformative sales calls, sharing Event Hawk's dynamic marketing strategies to drive bookings and success. Before her pivotal role at Event Hawk, she excelled in the fitness industry, both as a Membership Sales Specialist and Kickboxing Instructor. Her passion for fitness extends beyond the gym, embodying a lifestyle of vitality and empowerment. Beyond her time at the office, Zoelle finds inspiration in the artistry of tattoo design, spending cherished moments with her animals, friends, and family. With a commitment to excellence in business, fitness, and creative expression, Zoelle leaves an indelible mark wherever her journey leads.

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As Head of Client Success at Event Hawk, Lionel excels in cultivating client relationships and delivering exceptional business coaching.His career began at Footlocker, where he quickly advanced to store manager, transforming it into the company’s top-performing store and earning ...the prestigious Manager of the Year award. He then served as a Finance Manager at GM for ten years before launching his own successful leasing company. Lionel studied business at the University of North Texas and holds a certificate in entrepreneurship from Baylor, bringing extensive expertise to his role. Outside of work, he is a dedicated single father of a 14-year-old daughter and a 13-year-old son, with whom he enjoys creating funny videos. He also has a deep passion for football (Dallas Cowboys), marketing, reading, and going to the gym.

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Amanda is the General Manager at Event Hawk, where she oversees daily operations and collaborates on client success initiatives. With a background in education, Amanda spent 13 years teaching subjects from theater to literature across various school levels. ... She holds a teaching degree from Northern Arizona University and hails from Kansas. Recently, Amanda became a mother to Booker David LeBlanc and finds joy in creating memorable experiences for her clients, reflecting her commitment to leadership, learning, and collaboration.



While Christian was in high school, he discovered his love for web design and graphic design during an advanced coding class.Fast forward a couple of years and you would find him in college studying to get his bachelor's degree in Criminal Justice with a minor in Sociology all while running a successful graphic design business. ... After college, Christian pursued multiple avenues from law enforcement to medical services, but one thing always held his interest: marketing. Again, fast forward to today and you will find Christian with a track record of success in the graphic design, video editing, and marketing fields.

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Soliha, the lead developer at Event Hawk, excels in tailoring software to business needs, creating customized automations, and optimizing client data. With a strong passion for innovation and problem-solving, she earned her bachelor's and master's degrees in Computer Application. ... Certified as an admin of GoHighLevel, Soliha is dedicated to helping businesses harness technology to drive their success. Her commitment extends to providing software that not only functions flawlessly but also meets aesthetic standards. Understanding the unique nature of each business, Soliha strives to create software solutions that not only meet but exceed expectations, driving businesses forward.

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Meet Brandon LeBlanc, the go-to guy at Event Hawk and beyond. Armed with a Bachelor's degree in Business Administration and a teaching background ... , Brandon brings a unique blend of education and experience to his role. As the Head of Customer Support, he ensures clients receive the stellar service they deserve. From handling phone calls and Zoom sessions to providing weekly live training and fostering the client community, Brandon is dedicated to leaving a lasting impression with every interaction. Beyond the office walls, Brandon embraces life to the fullest. Blessed with a beautiful wife, Amanda, and their adorable son, Booker, family time is precious to him. Whether hanging out with his loved ones or whipping up a delicious dinner for them, Brandon cherishes these moments. But his passions extend further; basketball isn't just a game for Brandon—it's a passion woven into the fabric of his life. From cheering on NBA games, especially his beloved Phoenix Suns, to hitting the courts in local leagues, basketball is where he finds his flow. And when he's not sinking shots, Brandon can be found dealing cards at casino parties across Tucson, keeping the adrenaline pumping with his thrilling side hustle. Late-night gaming sessions with friends also fuel his competitive spirit while fostering camaraderie. Life's an adventure for Brandon, and he's committed to embracing every moment, from supporting clients to shooting hoops, spreading positivity every step of the way.



Zeana, head of websites is a former salon owner and cosmetologist, launched her career at 20. Her distinctive style quickly earned her features in Vogue, Vanity Fair, and other major publications. ...She also contributed her talents to New York Fashion Week for a few years. Now focusing on web design and marketing strategies, Zeana excels in developing online platforms for party rental businesses, enriching her projects with strategic insights that drive entrepreneurial success. Her relentless pursuit of excellence and her ability to blend artistic flair with technical acumen make her a dynamic force in every venture.

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Crystal is Event Hawk's SEO lead, dedicated to boosting your organic traffic and continuously improving your rankings. She excels in various aspects of SEO, ... including keyword research, content optimization, meta tag enhancement, link building, and Google My Business optimization. Crystal joined Event Hawk in 2022 as a support specialist and quickly developed a keen interest and expertise in SEO. Before joining Event Hawk, Crystal worked as a surgical assistant, where she dedicated her career to helping patients and supporting them through challenging times. Although she misses the daily interactions with her patients, her role at Event Hawk offers a more flexible schedule, allowing her to spend valuable and important time with her family and children. Outside of work, she is a dedicated mom and spends most of her time at their baseball games or dance competitions. When they don't have a sporting event, she loves reading a good book, a relaxing day at the beach, or traveling somewhere new.