HEC & Event Hawk Partnership

🤩 Event Hawk members now get exclusive pricing from HEC Worldwide!

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Buy today, ships within 48 hours 😮

*While supplies last. There is no back dating of the discounts. Full Payment Required (IAAPA pick up can be scheduled). 

How to get this offer:

👉 Find an inflatable you fall in love with 😍.

👉 Call or email HEC and mention this offer (they will check with us to confirm that you're an active Event Hawk member).

👉 Email info@hec-worldwide.com

👉 Call (800) 354-1183

👇 Visit Their Website Now👇

From The Manufacturer:

✅  Our Seamless Slide Lane™ constructed with our Patented Bridge-Weld™ Technology is one of your advantages of purchasing from HEC Worldwide Inflatables.

✅ HEC was first in the industry to develop the Seamless Transition Connection System™ which Seamlessly bridges the main body to the attached Slip n Slide for a smooth transition.

✅ Integrated Landing Systems™ impact protection airbag provides a landing system that ensures safe and soft landings without recoil and re-pressurizes instantly.

✅ PLAY-LITE™ high tenacity vinyl is engineered and safe for rigorous use in the inflatable industry and meets NFDA 701, UV, lead free, anti-mildew and 3P Phthalate requirements.

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