Event Hawk FAQ

1. How do I make the pop up less annoying?

Everyone is worried about this one until they start to see the bookings roll in. The truth is that the pop up annoys you more than it annoys your customer. Your customers visit your website once or twice a year, but you visit your website every day so it gets annoying. Our recommendation is to try it our way for a couple of weeks, and then try it your way for a couple of weeks. The results will SHOCK you!

We’ve tried big pop ups and little pop ups. We’ve tried showing the pop up on all the pages, and only displaying it on the home page. With everything we do we look at the data. We found the sweet spot and that’s in the settings that we recommend to you: Use the big pop up and have it show on all pages except the cart and checkout pages.

You can make the pop up smaller or have it show only on the home page or only have it show once per visitor, but whenever we’ve done this for someone they’ve seen a SIGNIFICANT drop in bookings.

Learn more about pop ups here.

2. How do I stop it from texting people after they book?

You need to tell Event Hawk that someone has booked with you. The easiest way to do this is to tag them CONFIRMED. When you do this, they will be moved to the CONFIRMED (PAID) stage of the pipeline, your conversion rate will be updated, and they will be removed from all campaigns. All of this happens automatically when you tag them CONFIRMED.

NOTE: Sometimes there’s a delay on the pipeline stage movement but eventually they should move.

Learn more about tagging here.

3. How do I edit the texts and emails that get sent?

Go to Marketing > Campaigns > #1 Email & Text > Click EDIT under the email/text that you want to edit. If you want to change the name that’s used in the messages, then replace {{location_owner.first_name}} with the name you want to use. We’ve seen better results when a female name is used. We named our Event Hawk virtual assistant Kim ?. When people call and ask to speak to Kim, we let them know that she’s handles the text messaging and we take the calls.

WARNING: Lots of money and research went into putting designing the text messages and templates that are in your account by default. THEY WORK! Be very careful making changes to these templates because one little change can have a significant impact on your reply rates and ultimately your bookings.

Learn more about text messages & emails here.

4. How do I get notified mobile when a message comes in?

Click one of the links below to download and sign into the Go HighLevel mobile app using your same desktop login.

iPhone App 

Android App

Learn how to use the mobile app here.

5. I did a test but I didn’t get the text. Or I got the email but not the text.

  • Emails go out instantly but text messages have a 5 minute delay by default.
  • You may also have to use a different phone & email if your settings prevent the same person from receiving the messages more than once.
  • There’s also a default schedule that only sends text messages from 9am to 6pm CST. If you run a test after this time then you will receive the text the next morning.
    • To adjust this schedule, from the left sidebar go to MARKETING > CAMPAIGNS > #1 Email & Text > Campaign Configuration

Learn more about text messages & emails here.

6. Why aren’t the leads moving to confirmed? How come I can’t see confirmed leads in the opportunities pipeline?

  • By default the system only shows you OPEN leads that are still available to be booked.
  • To change this click OPPORTUNITIES (from the left sidebar), then click the drop down that says OPEN at the top of the page.
  • Switch this to ALL and you will see all of your leads.

Learn more about opportunities & pipelines here.

7. I opened a message but it’s still showing unread. How do I mark the message read?

  • 2 ways to get a conversation to be marked as read:
    • Reply to the message.
    • Click MARK AS READ (the little envelope in the upper right)
  • The reason for this is to make sure you don’t forget about conversations that need a reply even though they’re read.