Event Hawk Addons & Integrations

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Please note:

  1. These addons are still new so please test and report any issues you encounter.
  2. Due to massive demand, it may take up to 60 days for us to complete your request.

✅  Social Media Posting

✅  High Converting Websites & Funnels

✅  SEO

✅  Text Message Answering Service


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Poptin Pop Ups

We will upgrade your pop up FREE!

🚨WARNING🚨: The Poptin pop ups are more visually appealing but may generate less leads. We DO NOT recommend you switch to Poptin unless you haven’t been getting leads.

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Review Filter Page

We will build a FREE page that sends your 5 and 4 star reviews to Google and your 3 stars and under to a complaint form! *DISCLAIMER*: No one can prevent 100% of bad reviews. If a customer wants to leave you a 1 star review bad enough they will find a way. SERVICE FIRST!

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Booking Software Integration

We will integrate Event Hawk with your booking software FREE!

✅ Online orders appear in Event Hawk.
✅ Review requests automatically go out.
✅ Conversion rate updates automatically.