Facebook Ads Masterclass For Event Professionals (2019)

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Welcome to the Facebook Ads Masterclass For Event Professionals! I’m really excited to be helping you take advantage of the world’s largest social media platform to get some bookings! If you trust the process and don’t take shortcuts, you’ll find yourself among the very few event professionals that use Facebook for more than just groups and looking at pictures of your friend’s dogs.

How to make the most of this course

The course is divided into 3 lessons, each lesson has multiple topics and videos in it. Follow the lessons step by step and don’t deviate from the plan. If the lesson tells you to use a video then you HAVE TO USE VIDEO FOR YOUR AD. If you don’t then everything falls apart. Facebook Ads are much more complex than they make themselves out to seem. The color blue is supposed to signify trust, but trust Facebook and their recommendations and you’ll be broke in no time.

Don’t worry, I’m going to walk you through everything that you’ll need including how to make videos out of images, and more.

Here’s how this course is broken up:

Lesson 1 helps you gather the tools you’ll need to succeed on Facebook.

Lesson 2 walks you step by step on how to create Facebook Ads.

Lesson 3 (coming soon) shows you how to evaluate and stay on top of your Facebook ads.

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