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Turn Off Event Hawk Temporarily

There are 3 ways to turn off Event Hawk temporarily but each has pros and cons.

  • 1. Turn off the pop up:
    • Pros: Prevent anyone new from getting your auto text because they won’t see the pop up or fill out the form.
    • Cons: You will not be collecting any customer data for future use since your funnel will be off.
    • How to turn off the pop up: From the left sidebar click POP UPS then toggle off the switch.
  • 2. Put the campaign in draft mode (only do this if you want it off for a couple days):
    • Pros: Allows you to collect customer data AND automatically texts them when you republish the campaign.
    • Cons: Sends everyone a text all at the same time when you re activate the campaign.

How to put the campaign in draft mode: From the left sidebar click CAMPAIGN

  • 3. Turn off the trigger so they still see the pop up and submit their info but never get any of the texts:
    • Pros: Allows you to collect customer data.
    • Cons: Never emails or texts the customers.

Please contact support if you would like the trigger turned off.

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