Pop Up Setup

1. Creating A Pop Up Account For The First Time

  • To create a pop ups account:
    • From the left sidebar click Pop Ups.
    • Click Register at the bottom to sign up for a new account (fees will be waived if you are an Event Hawk member).
    • Enter your Name, Email, Password, and verification text, then check the box and click Register.
    • You will receive a verification email shortly. Click the link in the email to verify your account.

2. Installing The Pop Up Pixel On Your Website

  • To install the pop up pixel on your website:
    • Once your account is verified and you’re logged in to the pop up dashboard, click Create Campaign.
    • Under Name enter your business name.
    • Under Domain / Subdomain enter your website WITHOUT https:// or www.
    • Toggle Include Subdomains to on.
    • Click Create.
    • Click Copy Pixel and paste in the header of your site (see below for detailed instructions for ERS & IO).
  • To install the pop up pixel on your ERS site:
    • Log in to your ERS account.
    • Click the Admin tab at the top.
    • Click the Website Editor button on the lower right.
    • Click the Custom Code For Every Page button near the top.
    • Scroll all the way to down to the bottom and start a new line, then paste the pixel code. WARNING: Doing this incorrectly can break your site. If you aren’t sure that you’re doing this correctly then reach out to ERS or your website developer. You can also send us a temporary admin log in and we can help you set this up.
    • Click Save.

To install the pop up pixel on your IO site:

  • Log in to WordPress (if you don’t have your WordPress login or aren’t familiar with WordPress your best bet is to email IO support and ask them to place the pixel on your site).
  • If you don’t already have a header plugin, click plugins on the left, add plugin, and type Insert Headers And Footers in the search bar.
  • Install and activate the plugin.
  • From the left sidebar hover over Settings.
  • Click Insert Headers And Footers.
  • Paste the pixel code in the header.
  • Click Save.

3. Basic Pop Up Settings:

  • Click Create Notification.
  • Select a pop up type (we have had the most success with the Coupon pop up).
  • Scroll down and click Create.
  • Here you can customize how your pop up looks and functions.
  • In the button URL paste the Event Hawk Form URL you copied from the previous lesson.
  • Click Update.
  • The left side menu is where you can set up:
    • Triggers which determine which pages the pop up is displayed on, how long before it’s displayed, how often it’s displayed, and whether it’s displayed on desktop, mobile, or both.
    • Display which determines how long the pop up is displayed for, where it’s displayed, and whether or not visitors can close the pop up.
    • Customize which allows you to change the colors overall look of the pop up.

To activate your pop up scroll up and toggle the status next to the pop up name to ON.

4. Pop Up Triggers (where it shows up)

5. Pop Up Display & Appearance Customization


    • Title Message: SALE!
    • Description Message: Flash sale happening now!
    • Coupon Code: CLICK BELOW
    • Button Text: Get Coupon
    • Footer Text: Leave empty
    • For ERS users Add DOES NOT CONTAIN for the URL’s that contain following:
      • cart
      • checkout
      • pay
      • thankyou
  • For IO users Add DOES NOT CONTAIN for the URL’s that contain following:
    • io
    • Delay: 2 seconds. Display for 8 seconds in the bottom left. For customize change the entrance animation to SLIDE IN UP and exit animation to SLIDE OUT DOWN. Got all that ??
  • Customize
    • Border width: 1
    • Entrance Animation: Slide In Up
    • Exit Animation: Slide Out Down
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