Phone Number Setup

Setting Up Your Event Hawk Phone Number

You get to pick a new phone number for outbound texting purposes.

  • Whenever a text goes out, it will go out from this new phone number so no one will see your personal number.
  • Incoming text messages can be viewed on the desktop or mobile app.
  • If a customer calls your Event Hawk phone number the call can be forwarded to your business number.
  • If someone your Event Hawk number gets flagged as spam then your business phone number will still be safe.

To set up your Event Hawk phone number, first log in on desktop then:

  • From the left sidebar click Settings.
  • Click Phone Numbers from the top menu.
  • Click + Add Number (NOTE: If you don’t see this option then we need to manually approve your account, please text us or email
  • Enter your desired area code.
  • Choose a number from the list. This will be your Event Hawk phone number (if no numbers appear try a different area code).
  • To forward calls from your Event Hawk phone number to your primary business phone number:
    • Click the pencil icon next to your Event Hawk phone number.
    • Enter your business number in the field labeled Forward Calls To (leave all other fields blank).
    • Click Update.

You now have an Event Hawk phone number which forwards calls to your business phone number.

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