Form Setup

Setup & Edit The Form

This is the form where people will opt in and give you their information after they click the pop up. The pop up will get their attention with an offer (promo, catalog, etc) and the form is where they sign up for the offer. Keep this in mind when following the below instructions.

  • Log in on desktop.
  • From the left sidebar click Marketing.
  • Under marketing click Form Builder.
  • Click on the form you want to edit (there should be one in there pre built for you).
  • To customize the form:
    • Use the fields on the right to customize your form. NOTE: The form template that’s pre loaded to your account WORKS REALLY WELL so be careful with making changes.
  • To setup what happens after they submit the form:
    • Click Options on the upper right.
    • Under On Submit enter the URL where you want to redirect people after they’ve filled out the form (ideally your promotions or packages page).
  • To use the form on your site:
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