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Editing Text Messages & Emails

Change the text messages and emails that go out to customers

From the left sidebar:

  • Click Marketing, then Campaigns.
  • Click the campaign you want to edit (i.e #1 Email & Text)
  • To edit the auto text schedule click Campaign Configuration at the top.
  • To edit the message content scroll down and click Edit under the message you want to edit.
  • Change the message as you wish. You can insert Custom Values so that the message automatically inputs the customer’s information (i.e their name).
    • To do this first click where you want the customer info to be.
    • Click Custom Values above the message box.
    • Hover over Contact and move your curser to the right to select a custom value.
    • WARNING: Be sure you select Contact NOT User! User will input your information not the customer’s info.
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