Marketing Packages

We specialize in bounce house marketing for your party rental business. Whether you focus on water slides, tent rentals, or other event rentals, we can build a package for you so all your digital marketing needs are covered.

How Do I Know What I Need?

SEO = Traffic To Your Site Over A Long Period Of Time (Takes a while to see results but also takes a while to lose results).
Google Ads = Traffic To Your Site Over A Short Period Of Time So You Build Up Your Customer Base Quick (Results are almost instant but only last as long as your ads are running).
Event Hawk = Guaranteed Bookings From Website Traffic (Adds a funnel to your website that auto texts your customers to start their booking).
Facebook Ads = Retargeting Ads For Traffic That Never Booked (Ads that follow your customers on FB after they visit your site)

What Would You Like In Your Package?

(Event Hawk included in all packages)

Popular Packages

Google Ads + Facebook Ads Packages​

SEO + Google Ads Packages​