Proof of delivery is a form of delivery receipt that confirms a customer has
received delivery of their equipment from your party rental business as outlined in their contract. This receipt is
used when a customer wants to dispute a payment. With the Proof of Delivery form
the delivery driver will collect a signature from the customer on-site, with the date
and time when the delivery was accepted.

Proof of delivery will ideally also include the recipient’s address and a description of
the rented equipment and rental duration.

👉 Get a copy of our proof of delivery template here (make a copy of ours and edit it to make it your own!).

Why Does Proof of Delivery Matter?

POD is important as it provides both parties with details of the delivery and
acceptance. It’s also directly connected acknowledgement for payment of services.
When an item leaves your party rental businesses possession, proof of delivery is what provides
end-to-end accountability between service providers and customers.

By monitoring products’ physical chain of custody, proof of delivery:

  • Makes sure the customer receives the correct item based on their contract.
  • Can identify when and where an error occurs in the case of a missed delivery
    or in the event a unit is damaged during a rental period.
  • Helps to settle disputes against chargebacks or in the event the customer
    says services have not been rendered or charges were not authorized.
  • Typically a driver presents a delivery document for recipients to endorse,
    with this signature acknowledging all expected shipment items are present
    and undamaged. This proof of delivery provides sellers with the
    documentation necessary to verify order fulfillment and invoice accuracy.

👉 Get a copy of our proof of delivery template here (make a copy of ours and edit it to make it your own!).

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