You are losing out on at least 30% of bookings because of your website’s navigation – here’s how to fix the problem.

Fix your website navigation to get more bookings

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Ever landed on a website for a restaurant or event venue… 

only to click on every single link at the top of the page to try and find what you’re looking for? 

So frustrating, right? 

When we go to a restaurant’s website, we’re looking for specific information. We usually want to know the business hours, what the menu looks like, and if they take reservations. Unfortunately, many businesses will hide this information on an obscure page titled “Map” or “About Us.” They’d be better off having navigation links that say, “Hours,” “Menu,” and “Reservations.” 

Let’s apply the same logic to your party rental website. In this blog, you’ll learn how to optimize your website navigation. You don’t want your customers to feel lost due to confusing categories. Rather, you want them to have a pleasant experience. All the way from searching for what they want to book, to actually making a booking. This would lead to more people completing the booking process with you…

And not your competitor!

If you’re one of the two types of businesses listed below, this is precisely the blog you need to read — and take action on — TODAY:

  1. You’re building your website version 1.0 and want to do it right from the start.
  2. You already have a website. But you are searching for ways to optimize your website and ultimately get more bookings.

Category titles: Every Word Matters

Google SEO and keywords aren’t just important on your website’s home page or blog pages — they also matter in your category titles. 

Keywords tell you what people are searching for — and the exact words they use to do it. So, if people are searching for “Bounce Houses,” that’s what they will look for when they get to your website. If all they see is “Party Inflatables,” they will likely click off and head to a competitor’s site in no time flat. 

You can learn more about how to find the best keywords for your website in the video below:

Find the best keywords for your website using Google Keyword Planner

Choose Obvious, Unmistakable Category Titles For Your Rentals

Choose simple product page category titles. There should be no confusion between your navigation title and the page it leads to. “Bounce Houses” should go to a category page with a clear call to action. On the page, visitors should be able to choose a bounce house and book it for their party easily. 

For example, below is the website for Bounce My House Party Rentals. Each navigation link is explicit about what’s ‘behind’ it, making the site intuitive to navigate.

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Simplify Your Website Navigation Until It’s So Easy a 10-Year-Old Could Book With You

Simplify the structure of your website’s navigation as much as possible. This means no ‘nesting’ categories. Nesting is when you click on one navigation link, only to trigger a drop-down list with more options. This drop down list might trigger yet another drop-down list of options when clicked. Websites with excessive drop-down lists are difficult to use — especially on mobile devices. Most of your customers will be browsing on a mobile device, so it’s critical that your navigation is mobile friendly. 

According to Justinmind, a UX app and web design company: “Your website’s top ranking pages or categories should be visible to users, without making people look for them.” 

Build Your Category Pages With Intentional Text and Images That Make an Impact

Once a customer gets to your category page — follow up your clear title with clear content. Have a brief description right up front with only the most important details.

Images are another non-negotiable on category and product pages. If you really want to upgrade your customer’s experience on your site, consider adding videos to your category page and product pages. That will help your visitors see your products in action. 

According to Business 2 Community, “Including a video on your landing page can increase conversions by more than 80%.” The power of video is unrivaled!

Our team at Event Hawk sets up high-converting websites in line with all of the tips in listed above — and so much more — for our clients every day. So, if you’re not sure exactly how to categorize your products, or what copy to use on your product pages, we would love to help. We can optimize your website’s navigation and turn it into a cash generating machine for your party rental business! 

We’re offering a huge 60% discount on custom website design till February 29th, 2024. If you need a new website or want to revamp your existing one, then this is your best chance. Make the best use of these slower months, so that you are ready for the busy summer ahead….

To learn more, book a meeting with us today 👇👇👇


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