What’s on your 2022 Off Season checklist?

🚌: GET MORE SCHOOL EVENTS: This is the best time of year to start sending out mailers to schools (let me know if you want a copy of the letter that we send out to schools). Many schools also book through text because school events are organized by the PTA which is run by regular mothers and MOMS LOVE TEXTING!

🎯 SEO: Start working on your SEO so you rank better on Google (let me know if you want a free SEO audit).

🐾 ANALYTICS: Setup better tracking on your website: Google Analytics and HotJar are 2 great free tools (I can prioritize making a video for this if there’s enough interest).

🎉 SALES FUNNELS: Setup sales funnels on your website so you turn more clicks into bookings.

💬 SMS MARKETING: Get texting before your competitors do. More and more businesses are starting to use texting because email is becoming less and less effective and people don’t want to talk on the phone any more. You can do this on your personal cell but using a service like Event Hawk separates your personal text messages from your business text messages because we give you a new number specifically for business calling and texting. Your customers never see your personal number and all of your business texts go into a separate app.

💵 COLLECT DEPOSITS VIA TEXT: Does this sound familiar “I’m going to book it tonight after I talk to my husband”…. then you don’t hear back 🦗. Start collecting deposits via text by saying something like “if you wait someone else may book it online so here’s a link where you can pay a small $50 deposit and secure your rental”. You can create payment links through PayPal, Square, and Stripe but Event Hawk makes it easy to create a link quick and text it over to your customers… the best part? They usually don’t even have to enter their credit card number because of the credit card autofill feature on their phone.

⭐️ GET MORE GOOGLE REVIEWS: Start working on getting more Google reviews so that you can raise your prices and get more bookings. Event Hawk allows you to do this automatically via text and even filters out the negative reviews so they’re less likely to go public. You can even go back and text the people who booked with you earlier in the year and ask them to leave you a review now. This feature alone is worth the low cost of Event Hawk. Our rental company got 200+ reviews this season! Get Event Hawk and grow your reviews now!!

🚀 GOOGLE ADS: This is the number one place you want to advertise to find the highest quality customers. When you’re ready to book a flight or rent a car you go to Google not Facebook. Learn how to get your business at the top of Google (let me know if you want a free copy of my Google Ads crash course)

🤠 FACEBOOK/INSTAGRAM ADS: This is the best time to start learning Facebook/INSTAGRAM Ads because if done right, you will make more from this type of marketing than any other form of marketing. One of our biggest clients spent $1,816.30 on 1 ad set and generated over $150,000 in sales!!! That means they made $83 for every $1 spent on ads!! I have a free Facebook ads crash course that I can give you but it’s become so complex that I recommend you sign up for my masterclass where I teach you how to become a master of Facebook/Instagram ads (I recently hired 2 of my students to join my team).

🥳 SOCIAL MEDIA: Work on a strategy to start posting on social media more often and more consistently. Customers prefer to do business with companies who are active on social media. We noticed that the people who do best on Facebook/Instagram advertising are the ones who post random images and videos of them cleaning inflatables and doing setups. If you’re interested in getting a calendar of what you should post and when, as well as how to schedule a month’s worth of mosts in just a few minutes let me know and we’ll prioritize making that video.

😎 PAY YOURSELF FIRST: Don’t wait til the end of the year to pay yourself! You should be paying yourself every time you pay your crew. YES! That means you should be getting a paycheck every single week. I did a video on this earlier this year and there’s a strategy that will make your pockets heavier and also make it so that you cut waste in your business BIG TIME!! Let me know if you want me to send over that video.

Did I miss anything? What’s on your list?

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