Meta ads? Google ads? Or both?

What ads platform is best for your business

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When I started my party rental business back in 2016, I hardly knew anything about Google or Meta ads. So I spent several month learning Google and Meta ads. They’ve played a significant role in the growth of my business.

Today, my team has run ads for 500+ clients at Event Hawk. So I very well know whether to use Google ads, Meta ads or both for a particular party rental business. So if you aren’t sure about which platform to use, definitely read this blog! 

Ads don’t work without an optimized website

Before you start running any ads, it is critical that you have a website that’s optimized for conversion

Ads bring people to the website. Once people are on the website, the chance they will book depends entirely on the website. 

I’m assuming you already have an optimized website. Without an optimized website, ads don’t work. With that caveat, let’s begin…

Google ads

They work if people are searching for your business. This is true for 98% of inflatable rental businesses. Google ads are profitable for most of our clients. The return on ad spend is typically more than 3.5X. 

Some clients see a return of more than 10X! That is, if they spend $1 on Google ads, they generate a revenue of more than $10.

Next, let’s learn about…

Meta retargeting ads

When people click a Google ad and land on the website, not everyone makes a booking… 

Some get distracted, some need to ask their spouse or friends before making a booking. Most of these people never come back to complete the booking. They often end up booking with a competitor. Because frankly, they care about their event, not booking with a particular business…   

But if they are retargeted with a Meta ad, some of them click the ad and complete their booking.

So a retargeting ad is giving you a second chance to secure bookings from people who clicked your Google ad but didn’t complete the booking.

🤝Meta retargeting ads work very well with Google ads. They generally have a return on ad spend of 8-10X. 

If you’re running Google ads, and you want to further increase revenue, you can pair Google ads with Meta retargeting ads

When both ads are run together, Google ads are the first touch point and Meta ads are the second touch point… 

Some people book at the first touch point; that is after seeing the Google ad. Some book at the second touch point; that is after seeing the Meta ad. When I paired Google and Meta ads for my party rental business, I was amazed with the results!

Lastly, let’s learn about…

Meta targeting ads

For less than 2% of our clients, Google ads are not profitable. This happens when very few people are searching for inflatable rentals where the business operates.

In such a case, it makes sense to try Meta targeting ads. These are very different from retargeting ads. Retargeting ads are only shown to people who have visited the website of the business before. Targeting ads are shown to people who have never heard of the business before. 

It is harder to generate revenue from targeting ads. People are not looking at Instagram or Facebook with the intention to book. But if the ads are properly set up, a small percentage of people do make a booking after seeing the ads. The return on ad spend on these ads can have a wide range of 0 to 10x. 

When Google ads don’t work for our clients, we suggest they try Meta ads. For a good percentage of such clients, we see very good results with only Meta targeting ads. But for some clients, Meta ads alone don’t work. 


Always start with Google ads. Just run Google ads if you get completely booked with Google ads, . If you can fulfill more bookings, then supplement Google ads with Meta retargeting ads.

If Google ads don’t work, then go with Meta targeting ads.

I hope this gives you clarity on what ads to run for your business. 

Do you have any questions about Meta, Google ads, or optimizing your website before you run ads? I’ll be happy to answer your questions on a call. I’ll also evaluate your current marketing strategy and help you with the steps you can take to grow your business.

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When I started my party rental business back in 2016, I hardly knew anything about Google or Meta ads. So I spent several month learning

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