Good sellers can make more money with the clicks or calls they get… bad sellers have no option but to keep paying for more calls or clicks.

Here are some tips to help you sell like a BOSS:

Assume The Sale

Assume that they will book with you and they will start to do the same. Use words that assume that they have already decided to book with you.

“Where will we be delivering to?” instead of “What’s your address?”

Ask Leading Questions

“Will we be setting up on grass or a hard surface?”

“What’s the latest time we can deliver that?”

“Did you want to use a Visa or a Mastercard?”

Be More Friendly Than Formal

Make jokes, talk about the weather, tell them what’s your favorite unit, BE A PERSON!

Say My Name!

Mention their name often. We naturally like to hear our names so when you make a point to say their name every couple sentences, it makes them feel good and shows that you put the effort to remember their name.

Phone Selling

  • Smile… seriously they can hear it in your voice!
  • When calling a customer back, you’re much less likely to get hung up on if you start with “Hi Sarah?”.

Email/Text Selling

  • Response time is key
  • Use emojis ????

Funnel Selling

  • Start small then upsell/downsell
  • Use the Event Hawk templates #1 to #5 rather than just giving all the info in 1 text. Prolongs the conversation which builds report with the customer and takes them from cold to hot so they are much more likely to book.

Other Tips & Tricks

  • Product Organization: Organizing products on your site so that the lowest priced items are shown first. This helps prevent “sticker shock”.
  • Checkout process: Go through your own checkout process on mobile and have some friends/family do the same. Chances are you’ll notice some things that may prevent people from booking even if they want to.
  • Followup, Followup, Followup: Email/text incomplete orders.
  • Reviews: Increase your Google review count to increase buyer confidence.
  • Addressing price concerns: State that you’re totally worth the extra $20-50 you charge compared to your competitors and direct them to your reviews and pictures/videos of setups showing how happy the customers are.

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