How To Help Your Guys Stop Forgetting To Load Things

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If you’re ever forgotten to load the dolly, then you’ve had a bad enough day where you’ll never forget again ?. But what about all the other little things that are much easier to forget, but just as critical to your operation?

We put together a General Packing List that includes all the things that our guys will need for deliveries and/or pickups. It’s not item specific so you’ll have to rely on your booking software’s packing list to list how many stakes, tarps (yes we tarp) , and blowers are needed. But it lists things that are needed for all of our deliveries/pickups, such as cleaning towels, vacuum, and a sledge hammer.

To get a copy of our General Packing List, click here, then click FILE>MAKE A COPY. From there you can add/remove items as you please ?!

Screen Shot 2021 06 29 At 12.16.47 PM

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