Below is the letter that we sent to schools in our area along with a printed brochure. This helped us get A TON of calls from schools asking to work with us.

The goal is to mention a donation so that they call you, and then let them know that you will only be donating a portion of the event. The donation can be monetary, or you can even donate games that would otherwise be sitting in your warehouse.

We addressed the letter  to either the PTA or the COORDINATOR OF EVENTS.



My name is [YOUR NAME] and I own [BUSINESS NAME]. I’m reaching out to you because we’ve added some exciting new attractions to our inventory this year for the end of school celebrations. We have some donation dollars left in our budget for 2021, so we can still sponsor a portion of your event. If you haven’t already gotten the entertainment squared away, please check out our brochure attached and give me a call to see how we can help.

We are committed to delivering safe and affordable fun to the community, and our stellar reviews show that we’re following through with that commitment.

I know there are lots of companies to choose from. I would like the opportunity to speak with you to discuss why we’re simply the best!

Give me a call at [PHONE NUMBER], and I’ll be happy to go over some options with you.




Director of Operations, [BUSINESS NAME]


Phone: [PHONE]


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