Get Those Mega Events With This 4 Step Strategy

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Feeling a bit lost in the winter chill?

Wondering how to kick your business back into gear?

You are not alone…

January and February tend to be the quietest months for Party Rental Businesses all over the US. But this is the best time to prepare in advance for the busy summer months ahead. 

It’s also the time to secure bigger bookings from schools, churches, daycares, city parks and more. 

A single substantial booking can mean massive revenue, propelling your business to new heights!🚀

Sure, nabbing these big events might seem like a challenge. But if you focus on the 4 key steps below, you’ll soon find your phone ringing with inquiries from organizations in your area.

The 4 steps are S.A.L.E.

  • S: Scout Clients – Find the big fish in your market and make your list.
  • A: Advertise irresistible offers that get them to come to you.
  • L: Lock in the sale when they call you.
  • E: Ensure their loyalty, so they book with you again and again.

We used the Chamber of Commerce and Linkedin to scout for schools in our area. We then sent them the letter below along with a printed brochure. This helped us get A TON of calls from schools asking to work with us. 

The key is to mention a donation in the letter, so that they call you. Let them know that you will only be donating a portion of the event. The donation can be monetary, or you can even donate games that would otherwise be sitting in your warehouse.

We addressed the letter to either the PTA or the COORDINATOR OF EVENTS.

Once an organization books an event with you, it’s important that you provide exceptional customer experience.  

The decision makers in these organizations are busy. So a positive experience would make them want to book again with you next year. They just don’t have the time to look for another vendor! Be proactive. As the event winds down, extend an exclusive offer for the same price next year and seal the deal with a signed contract.

Want to dive deeper into these strategies? Our Bigger Bookings Masterclass breaks it all down. It covers:

🚀How to get more schools, churches, daycares, and summer camps to book with you all year long!

🚀 Step by step instructions, templates, and additional tricks on how to get them to come to you (so you don’t have to chase them).

🚀Get more BIG bookings and more WEEKDAY events.

🚀Tips for landing corporate clients.

The Masterclass sells for $997. But you have a chance to snag it for FREE!

To know how…

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