7 Proven Strategies To Help You Get More Reviews For Your Party Rental Business

Seven proven review generation strategies that combine technology, human touch and astute business acumen.

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How the heck do you get more five-star reviews for your party rental business?

Frustrated with customers who are happy with your service…

They even promise to leave a great review… 

but don’t?

Feeling insecure due to the lack of reviews on your Google Business Profile?

My wife and I have been there. I understand how you feel…

In the first 3 or 4 years of our business, we struggled. We did a ton of events. But the reviews? We only got like 70 reviews. That sucked! We were left scratching our heads…

“What are we doing wrong?” 

But then we started utilizing this new system, and our reviews skyrocketed…

We went from 70 reviews to 230 reviews in one season. As of today (March 2024) we are close to 650. 

So in this blog, I want to share with you guys a few actionable strategies on how we generate reviews for our business. 

The strategies are:

  1. Ask for the review
  2. Let customers know they will get a review request
  3. Send a personalized review request
  4. Use business cards with QR codes
  5. Incentivize your delivery crew to get reviews
  6. Automate
  7. Respond to reviews

Each of these strategies can only increase your chances of generating a review. They don’t guarantee a review. But when you implement them all, your chances of getting a review go up tremendously!

I’m assuming your business is already having a Google Business profile and shows un on Google Maps. If that’s not the case, then here’s a quick guide to create a Google Business Profile.

So here’s the first strategy…

Strategy #1

Ask for the review

Sounds like a no-brainer! But a lot of us forget to ask, right? 

Asking takes a lot of different forms. It’s not just asking when you deliver OR after the event, it’s BOTH of the above. For every part of the process, you need to be asking the customer for a review. You need to let the customer know that you are expecting a review, and want a review. 

When we deliver, we let them know, “Hey, we would greatly appreciate a five-star review.” We talk to them about it, and we let them know that after the delivery, they’re going to get a text and an email. 

So make sure you ask for the review at every opportunity. Just don’t make it repetitive or annoying.

Strategy #2

Set expectations: Let customers know exactly when they will get a review request and how

All too often the customer can miss your email and SMS. But if you set the expectation that:

  1. You want a review… 
  2. There will be a text and email asking about the same after the event…

Then the customer is more likely to leave you a review. You can set this expectation by getting your delivery crew to state the above to the customer at the time of the delivery.

Strategy #3

Send a personalized review request through SMS and Email

After the event, send both an Email and SMS asking for the review. Try to make the message personal. For instance, I don’t write a generic email… 

“Hey Bounce My House Party Rentals would appreciate your feedback”…  

I don’t do any of that!

Instead, here’s the email I send. I make it really personal. …

“Hey, my name is Tariq. I’m the owner of Bounce My House Party Rentals. I really hope you enjoyed your event. Hey, listen, especially now as a small business, it would mean a lot if you left us a review. So if you could take the time, here’s a link and any feedback, please let me know.”

Take advantage of the fact that you are running a small business. People know it’s difficult running a small business. They want to help you succeed. So instead of sending a generic email, get frank, vulnerable and ask for help in the email.

For SMS, compose a similar but shorter message.

Strategy #4

Use business cards with QR codes

We use business cards with a QR code at the back. The QR code leads to a review link when scanned. 

Business card back side. The card has a QR code that has a review link.

When one of my crew members makes the delivery, they write their name on the back of the card. They then hand over the card to the customer and make a request. “Hey, if you leave a review for my business and you mention my name, that would really help me. It’s super easy. Just Scan the QR code with your phone right now.” 

It works like magic. Again, that’s because people like helping people. It’s human nature. When you go to a restaurant, you don’t tip the restaurant, you tip the waiter or waitress. So when our delivery crew says that a review would help them get a bonus or something, the customer suddenly feels like, “Man, I want to help this guy!”     

Also, train your delivery crew to make eye contact and go for a firm handshake when talking to a customer. There is something special about a genuine human touch that no technology can beat. There might be a lot of noise when the delivery is being done. A confident eye contact really gets your customer to listen to you. That has helped me a lot. People just don’t do that these days, and you’re definitely going to stand out.

Earlier, we used to only get a couple of reviews during delivery. But, since implementing the QR code, we’ve got tons of reviews! The credit for this idea goes to Nick Glassett. He’s an amazing guy, you should definitely follow his YouTube channel.

Strategy #5

Set goals and incentivize your delivery crew to get reviews

At the end of the day, they’re the ones that are going to be talking to the customers. You need to keep their motivation high. You need them to be clear on your goal. We found that doing two things will help your team deliver you more reviews. Those are: 

  1. Set goals 
  2. Give incentives

Let’s talk about setting goals

At the beginning of the week, here’s what I tell my delivery crew. “Hey, listen, here’s how many deliveries we’re doing this week. What do you think is a reasonable goal? What percentage of those do you think we can get five-star reviews from?”

The crew then comes up with a number they think is reasonable. By getting them to set the goal, I’m making them accountable. I’m also developing a sense of ownership and work ethic. Once they’ve given me a goal, they have a motivation to beat it. They want to fulfill the commitment they’ve made to me. 

Now let’s talk about incentives.

I incentivise my delivery crew by doing both a leaderboard and a raffle. Let me explain.

When a delivery crew member has his name mentioned in a review, he goes into a raffle. The person winning the raffle gets an award. So they know that even if they get one review, they have a chance at a gift card. We usually award a gift card to a restaurant. So this way everyone is incentivised to get his name in a review. We usually give them the gift card of a newer restaurant, or of a restaurant where they normally wouldn’t go. That way, it’s a new experience for them.

Of late, I have also been doing a leaderboard. At the end of every week, the person getting the most reviews gets awarded. This is a bigger award. It’s only fair to hand out a bigger award to the crew member getting the most reviews. This also incentivises the crew to get as many reviews as possible.   

You can start with one of the above incentives, and then implement both. 

I hope you realize the potential of goal setting and incentives. It creates a win-win situation. This has worked amazingly well for us.  

Strategy #6


You can automate sending the review request SMS and email after the event. If you are using a booking software like Inflatable Office, then you can automate using Event Hawk. Request for the automation once, and then you don’t have to worry about it.

Every week you’ll get reviews coming in. You’re like, “How come I’m getting all these reviews on weekdays?” It’s because Event Hawk is sending them. So definitely be sure to do that.

Strategy #7

Respond to reviews 

Write personalized responses to reviews. When someone about to write a review sees that you respond to each review, they are more likely to write their own. 

You might be wondering why? When people write, they want the review to be read and acknowledged. Everyone implicitly expects their writing to be read. So when they see that you respond to each review, they are more likely to leave a review! A simple gesture that goes a long way!

If you have Event Hawk, then you can respond to all your Google and Facebook reviews from a single interface. 


We discussed 7 proven strategies to generate more reviews. I use them for my own party rental business. None of these strategies guarantee a review. But each strategy can increase your chances. Some of these strategies work in tandem. 

Here is a recap of the strategies:

  1. Ask for the review
  2. Let customers know they will get a review request
  3. Send a personalized review request
  4. Use business cards with QR codes
  5. Incentivize your delivery crew to get reviews
  6. Automate
  7. Respond to reviews

For more guidance on implementing and automating the above strategies, book a call with our team today.

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