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1️⃣ Google Voice:

– Pros: Free

– Cons: no automations, no templates option, not scalable

2️⃣ Event Hawk

Pros: built for bounce house businesses, set up is done for you, includes automations and templates that make you money so it’s like having a 24/7 employee

Cons:  Not free (around 1 penny per text)

3️⃣ IO Phone

Pros: built for bounce house businesses, shows you which customer is calling before you pickup the phone, can set your phone to only ring on weekends from people who have rentals in progress

Cons: Not free, you have to build your own automations and templates (unless you have Event Hawk then we help you with automations)

If you’re just starting out then Event Hawk is a great option. Google voice is also a good option but you’ll outgrow it quick.

 Once we grew past $150k/year we got IO phone and have been in love with it since. Recently Event Hawk & IO developers worked together and now the 2 fully integrate resulting in the most effective phone/text  solution in the industry.

What do you guys use for your phone service?

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