2021 was a good year for business, but here at Event Hawk we have every intention of blowing the lid off in 2022🔥💣🚀!! The desktop version of Event Hawk has a new user interface that moves things around to make them faster to get to but it’s optional to switch over. The mobile app will come out with some minor updates soon as well. But that doesn’t scratch the surface of what we have coming out next.

Checkout these awesome new features that are available for Event Hawk members to use right now, and then some even more incredible features that should be ready early 2022.

2FA (the boring one) – Available Now

There’s nothing exciting about 2 factor authentication but it’s here now and you’ll be emailed/texted a code the next time you log in on a new device or clear your cache. It’s annoying but it keeps your data safer.

Review Requests Update – Available Now

If you upload your customer lists every week to send out review requests you’ll notice that the interface looks a little different. It functions the same way but things have been moved around.

You can watch the updated Review Request import videos by clicking REVIEW REQUESTS on the left sidebar from Event Hawk desktop or by clicking here.

But if you want your review requests to go out automatically without doing anything at all then you need this next feature 😁…


Booking Software Integration 🤯 – Available Now

Oh yes we did! You’ve been asking for this one all year and it’s finally here! We have been testing this one in BETA and got it to work so far with IO, BCN, ERS, and should be able to integrate with any booking software/website where orders are done online. What does this mean exactly?

✅ Online orders appear in Event Hawk without having to import them or upload any lists.

✅ Review request text messages automatically get sent without having to import lists or tag anyone.

✅ Conversion rate updates automatically without having to tag confirmed.

Sign up for FREE booking software integration here.


Review Filter – Available Now

We will build a FREE review filtering page that sends your 5 and 4 star reviews to Google and your 3 stars and under to a complaint form! No one can prevent 100% of bad reviews. If a customer wants to leave you a 1 star review bad enough they will find a way. SERVICE FIRST!

Request your FREE Review Filter here.


New Pop Ups – Available Now

✅ Stop popping up after customer clicks.

✅ Set to show up certain # of times per visitor.

✅ Much more visually appealing.

🚨 May result in less leads than standard pop up so use with caution and be careful with settings🚨

Request a new pop up here.


Collect Deposits Through Event Hawk Text Message – Available Now

✅ Makes it easier for customers to pay so you get more secured bookings!

✅ Makes them less likely to shop around after talking to you.

✅ May qualify you for business funding loans so you have more capital to grow your inventory!

Click the payment request icon on desktop and mobile to use this feature (You will be prompted to create and connect to a free Stripe account if you haven’t already)

Event Hawk Updates 20212022 3


Get Your Business Listed on 70+ Websites With YEXT! – Available Now

Screen Shot 2021 10 27 At 8.36.43 AM

✅ Get your business listed so more people find you and become customers.

✅ Get tons of backlinks to your site so you have stronger SEO.

✅ Puts you in control of your info so that you know all your info online is accurate (website, phone number, hours, social media links, etc)

If you don’t have access to ONLINE LISTINGS Text us at (708) 401-6465

Funnels, Funnels, Funnels! – Coming December/January

✅ Build your own high converting funnels within Event Hawk!!

✅ Get WAY more of your clicks to convert to leads (and then automatically text the to close the sale!!).

✅ Know exactly how many of your website visitors convert and SPLIT TEST right inside Event Hawk!!

✅ Done for you funnels will be available as well.


Post To Social Media & GMB Straight From Event Hawk – Coming Early 2022

✅ Post everywhere from one place.

✅ Schedule posts so your social media stays engaged even when you’re busy.


Reply To Social Media Comments Straight From Event Hawk – Coming Early 2022

✅ Reply to social media comments from the same place you reply to messages.

✅ No more missing comments or ignoring people who comment on your business page.


Pre register to secure your spot.


Pre register to secure your spot.


Pre register to secure your spot.


Pre register to secure your spot.

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