How To Choose A Bounce House Business Name

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How To Choose A Bounce House Business Name

Choosing a name for your business is very exciting (and very hard). It’s best to choose a name that’s unique, but most inexperienced operators choose a name filled with keywords like “bounce” and “party” so they end up blending in with all of their competitors’ names. Having keywords in your domain name or business name becomes a major headache once you grow past a certain point. People searching for your business specifically end up going to your competitors because all of your competitors show up when their search includes the word “bounce”. It’s best not include any keywords in my business name or domain name so you can have a very strong and unique domain/brand. 
For example, our company name is Bounce My House Party Rentals and even though we’ve been around for years… we have to compete with even the smallest companies in our area when people search for us by name. When we founded Event Hawk we tried to avoid this and it worked… when you search Event Hawk on Google no other marketing agency shows up because it’s unique and doesn’t have any keywords in the name or domain.
Think Apple, Amazon, and Microsoft… their name has nothing to do with what they sell.
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