4 Types of Employees

4 types of employees

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Have you ever been out at a restaurant or venue and met a great employee and thought, “man I wish I had someone like this working for me!” We have all been there and wanted to slip them our business card, but you may want to rethink that. Some employees are not always who they seem to be!

There’s two things you want to look at: the potential employees skill and how they align with your core values. These different types of employees are classified as A, B, C, and D players and each hold different characteristics. 


These players are the dream employee…the unicorn! They have all the skills and have done exactly what you’re trying to hire for. A great example would be a landscaper that you hire to deliver bounce houses. They are perfect! They are used to working in the field during the summer, driving a truck, pulling a trailer, etc! 

While they are perfect for the job, avoid them! Yes…that’s right. They will leave you at a drop of a hat because they are so high in demand. They will quickly leave for higher pay, better benefits, or because they just want to start their own business. As they should!


These employees don’t have the skill or experience, but they have values that align with your own. They are teachable!

A great example is a high school student who has good grades and plays sports. Good grades show you are responsible with your time and take your tasks seriously while playing sports shows that you are accountable to showing up on time and dedicating time to learning a skill or craft.

These employees will need training, but when they are finished and working, they will be the most loyal employees to the company and will do very well.


These employees do have the skill and do have the experience but…something is off? These types of employees will tend not to get along with the people they work with. Because of this, there is a golden question you need to ask yourself when potentially hiring a B-C player. Can you see yourself spending 8 hours a day with this person? If your answer is no, this potential employee is probably not a good fit for your company.


These employees do not have the skill for the job and do not align with your values. This should be a no brainer…right? Right? Nope. These types of people will tend to BS you. These players will be charismatic and will have you believing you can’t run your business without them.

But there is one issue. These people will tell you what their ideas are, but never give input on how they will carry out those ideas. It’s easy to confuse these players as A-B Players or even A Players.

C Players will drive out your employees, overpromise, and never deliver. By the time you realize who they really are, they have entrenched themselves so far into your business that it’s hard to get rid of them.

A great way to root out who is a C Player, is to have them show you how they will carry out what they say they are going to do. During your interview, test their skills and abilities! This will quickly show you point blank who is faking and who is the real deal.

Hiring can be tough, but if you go into it with prior knowledge about the different players, you can start to spot who will be a great fit for your company and who won’t be.

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4 types of employees

4 Types of Employees

Have you ever been out at a restaurant or venue and met a great employee and thought, “man I wish I had someone like this

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