3 Ways To Showcase Your Brand

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Branding is what sets you apart from your competitors. The reason they booked with you this year is likely because last year’s experience was forgettable.

Branding Online

  • Google reviews: Flex your reputation at the top of your home page. You did the work so you deserve the stars for it!
  • Google Ads: Run Google Ads for your brand name to protect your name! This way you always show up #1 when someone searches for you by name rather than one of your competitors.
  • Facebook: Post pictures/videos of setups and even just document your day.
  • Instagram: You can post on Instagram and Facebook simultaneously using the Facebook Business Suite app on mobile or through Facebook Data Studio on desktop.
    • Put your location in the instagram bio.
    • Use EZ Tree in your bio to link to Event Hawk and your website.
    • Hashtags: Start with your top Google keywords (#bouncehouserental #watersliderentals #YOURCITYbouncehouserentals)
    • Put Instagram link in your email signatures and include in all your promos (put the actual link don’t put “follow us”).
    • Ask customers to follow you and repost their posts.
  • Post ideas:
    • Party setups.
    • Ask questions: How should we wrap our vehicle? What should we name this unit?
    • Mishaps: Issues you encounter during your job.
    • Document: Just document your day to day.

Branding At The Job

Branding Through Community Involvement

  • National Night Out: Reach out to your local police department and offer to help. Many times these events get featured on TV.
  • Join your Chamber of Commerce: Helps you stay in the loop with what’s happening in the community.
  • Giveaways or competitions: Duck Hunt, Trunk or treat,
  • Give a free bounce house to teachers or a daycare during the week in return for them sending kids home with flyers.

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