Did you know there’s a way to get more customers for your bounce house rental business — without lowering prices?

It comes down to becoming more customer focused.

By putting your business in the right places and scientifically measuring your results, you can tap into customer pools that you weren’t even aware of!

Or, you can swoop in and get customers that would’ve otherwise booked with your competitors.

In the long run, becoming more customer focused will mean more profits and a more successful business. It’s just a matter of knowing the right ways to present yourself and see what’s working.

How Do I Become More Customer Focused?

Some people get scared when they hear the words “customer focused.” But it’s actually a lot easier than you’d think.

This article is full of advanced strategies. However, you won’t need a marketing degree to understand it. It’s pretty simple stuff and by the time you get to the bottom, you’ll have a lot more clarity on what you need to do.

There are 3 simple steps you can do to become a more customer focused business owner. All of these are pretty easy to implement and can make a huge difference in your party rental business.

Tip 1: Track Your Conversion Rates

The first thing you should do, if you’re not doing it already, is track your conversion rate.

If you haven’t heard the term before, your “conversion rate” is basically, how many people take a valuable action on your site, like a booking or even a phone call or form submission.

So, for example, if 100 people visit your site and 1 of them books, your booking conversion rate is 1%.

If 100 people visit your site and 27 people book, your conversion rate is 27%… make sense?

By tracking your conversion rate, you turn marketing from an art into science because you can figure out what works. From there, you can use the lessons you learn from your data to make better marketing campaigns in the future.

Tracking conversion rates is easy with some types of marketing. For instance,  Google ads will track your conversion rates for you if you have a marketer that sets them up properly. Alternatively you can just take the number of bookings you get ver a certain period (1 week or 1 month) and divide it by the number of website clicks you got. So if you know you got 1,000 clicks in 1 week and 10 bookings, 10 divided by 1,000 is 1%.

Conversion rates also help you track how effective you are at different stages of marketing to people..

For example, are you getting lots of leads but not turning them into customers? Are you getting practically everyone who calls you to book, but your phone’s just not ringing that much?

Basically, tracking conversion rates takes the guesswork out of marketing — it helps you figure out where your biggest issues are so that you can fix them. It’s really easy to do, and it can make a huge impact.

Tip 2: Know Your Customers

There are three main types of potential customers (or “leads”)…

There are cold leads, warm leads, and hot leads.

A cold lead is someone who’s kind of interested but not quite ready to book yet. They just heard about your business, and they’re only poking around… so far.

A warm lead is someone who’s more familiar with your business. Maybe they started out cold but then warmed up after viewing your site, reading your reviews, or checking out your social media.

A hot lead is someone who’s ready to book. They’ve likely had some interaction with you via phone, email, or text and they’re finally ready to make a decision.

Generally, you want to approach each kind of lead differently.

If your lead is hot enough, you’ll want them to sign on the dotted line right then and there. Whereas if your lead is cold, you’ll need to “warm them up” by building a relationship with them.

So, don’t assume everyone who visits your site, fills out a form, or calls you is the same. Instead, try to identify where your lead is and then market to them appropriately.

Tip 3: Use The Right CTA (Call-To-Action)

The last few words on your website — where you ask your lead to take a step towards buying — are really important.

The difference between “add to cart” and “check for coupons” can be huge. (In some cases, using the correct “call-to-action” — or CTA — can double or even triple your conversion rates.)

The right CTA is different for hot leads than for cold leads. For cold leads, you don’t want to scare them away by asking for the sale upfront — so saying something like “View Our Specials” usually works better if you use that as an opportunity to collect their info before they view your specials. This way you can follow up with them via text, email, or phone call to warm them up.

Hot leads are ready to book. They typically just need reassurance on a few final details to make sure that their expectations will be met.

More tips…

Being a customer focused business is one of the things that sets a successful business apart from an unsuccessful business. You don’t want to lose out on sales just because you’re making basic marketing mistakes.

Fortunately, chances are, most of your competition is making the same mistakes you are. So just by following these few “tips,” you can put yourself ahead of most other businesses. 

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